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Hello! Guys, you’re highly welcome to our recent update on how to change your mouse icon using untold simple steps

Are you trying to change your desktop/ laptop mouse pointer icon in your windows 7 Pc then, you’re at the right place. Because, here, we offer procuring and helpful information’s on anything computer tricks, computer secrets and computer procedures.

Learning how to change your desktop/ laptop mouse pointer icon here, it’s simple and easy.

Most of computer newbie’s nowadays that newly got a glance of what computer procedures are all about, always aspire to do and discover new things in computer in their everyday life. So, it’s a good thing to aspire far from your lower level, to head-off at a level that will prank the world at large.

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So, here we;
Go grab a Coffee and Read-on for easy digest.

Required steps:
·   Goto start menu.
·   Click on Control panel.
·   Click on hardware and sound.
·   Click “mouse” under devices and printers.
·   Click on pointers.
·   Then, double-click on any of your desired choice.
·   Then, an overview of the mouse icon samples will appear for selection.
·   Then, guess what? You’re done by hitting on apply.

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