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Here, we help to turn computer newbie’s into great pros.
Hello guys, welcome to the Techteazer tutorial. Today, I will show you WINDOWS AND MICROSOFT EXCEL TRICKS AND KEYBOARD SHORT-CUTS.
1. Windows Task Manager: do you want to run Trouble-shoot/ End a Task? Then, you’ll seems to have to go to your Windows Task Manager, kindly click Ctrl + Shift + Esc , you’ll see an over-view of Windows Task Manager. As seen below image.

2. Select your Taskbar Applications: To select and focus your applications in the taskbar, hold down the windows key + T, and use the arrow keys, or type T repeatedly. This, lets you scroll through the pinned applications without ever touching your mouse.
3. Open an Application: To start an application that is pinned to the taskbar, hold down the Windows key + Press the number that corresponds with its location (Win + number from one to nine) as seen as below image.

4. Screen-shot your Computer Screen part: Sometimes, you’ll see something interesting in a video you play in your Computer/ Laptop Pc, you might feel to have it snapped/ captured as an image, either by listed formats; Jpeg, Png, Bitmap, Single file Html, etc. Then, Go to Windows menu, then, type Snipping tool in the search programs and files located in the down part of the screen in the Windows menu. Then, you crop the screen part to your own definite radius then, save it to your desired format and location to your desired drives.
5. Show formula in current cell in Microsoft Excel (rather than looking up at the formula Bar): Simply click F2 key.
6. Show all formulas in Microsoft Excel worksheet: Simply click Ctrl ~ (~ is located below the Escape key (ESC).
7. Show desk-top while still running Computer Programs: Simply move your mouse icon to the below shown image.

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