How To Master Hide Data Using CMD

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Here, we help to turn computer newbie’s into great pros. I am going to share with you today, on How To Master Hide Data Using CMD (Command Prompt). In this post we are going to hide data through master CMD Command. If we use this Command then, anybody can‘t display it, it’ll be a private file to those you don’t want to explicit your privacy to. This data can’t be shown through any software’s or show hide folder option from the control panel. Here, we can hide Files, Folders, and Whole Drives like D: Drive.

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Below are The Following Steps/ procedures:
Step 1: Open your CMD (Command Prompt).

Step 2: Enter any drive letter like d: enter and Type "attrib +a +s +h /s /d" then hit enter. This command can hide your data.

Step 3: When you unhide your data, again type d: enter and Type "attrib -a -s -h /s /d" then hit enter.

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