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TECHTEAZER.COM:  Wow! This might sound or look funny right? But, actually we really really meant our above statement “Technology shocking News”. Here, it’s our duty to get you clarified, notify and simplified on the issue concerning Technology News, Technology updates, How to’s, Pc trick’s, Programming, Computer secrets, Pc tweaks, Computer apps, and Guest Posts, etc.
So, if we deal on technology news then, it’s our duty to lend some hand’s letting you (our friends, followers, viewers, and unique visitor’s, known and unknown), get updated on the procedures involved in any of our above listed keywords, to know the advantages and disadvantages to the word Technology. It’ll be of our great mistake, to lately get you updated on the issue related to our subject matters because; we’re allergic to your inconveniencies or unable to reply you to your needs.
So, let’s precede to the above mentioned topic “Technology News”, as of some days ago, a friend posted a heart-breaking article on social media, showing the below image.

When I saw it, I couldn’t catch a glimpse of the scene/image whatever you could classify it as. So, why take some time to make this good constructed write-up is, I want to make this as a public announcement to every one of us, that you should be very very careful on how you make use of your electric devices, Laptop/ Computer Pc devices, and Mobile devices, etc. why I made this article/ post concerning this issue, is to notify you that, making use your electric devices be it; your Laptop/ Computer Pc, Mobile devices, etc. But, this massage, mostly sound for the Mobile users because, assume that almost they whole individuals involved in all the country in the world, are making use of Global System For Mobile Communication (GSM). Even they child of today even sometimes make use of it, either by playing mp3 music, mpeg/hd/mp4/3gp videos, surfing the internet, playing games, or any fun that could be derived from them.
So, here we’ve come to conclusion today, hope you really enjoy this brief post/ article? For the security of your living.
Your health matters a lot to us because without you our (viewers, followers, friends and unique visitors) there will be nothing like so, that’s why we’ll try our possible best to get you more updated. Please, if you really found this post/ article helpful and procuring to your desire then, share it and also give us a click for appreciation.
See you in our next posts/ articles for more updates.
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