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Here, we help to turn computer newbie’s into great pros. I am going to share with you today, on some ways you can make desktop icons smaller.

For Mac and Windows users, changing the size of desktop icons is as simple as right-clicking on the desk-top and changing settings in the “view”, “view options” or “Properties” areas. Things get tricky when it comes to iphones and android devices, as icon size changes are not supported on other platform. Luckily, some manufacturers add this feature to their android phones. And don’t despair if the icons on your iOs device are comically large, you may just need to turn-off Zoon Mode. Learn how to change the size of desktop icons on any version of Windows, Mac OSX, and some android phones, as well as how to revert a “Zoomed” iphone or ipad to its standard screen size.

Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and Vista:

1.   Righ-click and empty area of the desk-top: A context menu will appear, displaying several different options.

2.   Select “view” to expand the next menu: The top three options on this menu show different icon sizes. You will notice a checkmark next to your desktop icon’s current size.

3.   Click either “Medium” or “Small” to reduce the size of your icons: If your icon size is currently set to large, try reducing it to Medium first. If it’s presently set to medium, set it to small.
·   In Windows Vista, “Small” is called “Classic”.

·   Mac OSX:

1. Right-click and empty area of the desktop, then select “Show view Options”: A dialog box will appear containing desktop customization options.

2. Move the slider beneath “Icon Size” to the left: the current icon size is displayed (in pixels) next to “Icon Size” at the top of the Window (e.g. 48 × 48). As you move the slider to the left, the icon size value will decrease.
·   The smaller the number, the smaller the icons.
·   The smallest possible icon size is 16 × 16, and the largest is 128 × 128.

3.   Click the red “Close” button at the top corner of the Window to commit your changes: if you are dissatisfied with your changes, return to the view options and try a different size.
·   Windows Xp:
1. Right-click an empty area on the desktop, then click “Properties”.
2.   Click “Advanced”:
3. Select “Icon” from the “Item” drop-down menu:
4. Enter a smaller number into the “Size” field: To the right of the size field (which contains the current icon size in pixels), you will see two arrows-one pointing up, the other down. Click the down-ward pointing arrow to decrease the number.
5. Click “Ok” to save your changes and return to the desktop: If you are dissatisfied with the new icon size, return to the advanced screen and adjust the size.
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