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Noble and great reader’s and also follower’s of this blog, you’re welcome to this our latest article we have today, to share with you today.
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Here, we help to turn computer newbie’s into great pros. I am going to share with you today, on the procedures on “How to delete your Gmail account”.

Post Key Benefit’s:
·        You’ll be able to know more about your Gmail account usage.
·        If have much Gmail account’s, you’ll be able to delete them, if required.
·        Then, get it mastered by yourself, not waiting for someone to help you out.

1.      First, we open the Gmail account, and then, click the circle ICON then, click the MY ACCOUNT.
2.   Here, we click the Delete Google account or services, as shown below image.
3.   At this point in time, we’re required to click on Delete Google Account and data link.
4.   Here, proceed amazingly by typing in your password.
5.   In this page, check the box then, click DELETE ACCOUNT button.
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Text Ads Only
336 x 280 Block ads
Sharing Is Caring.

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