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Today, we’ll be discussing on the issue concerning on “How to remove password off your laptop/ your computer (Pc)”.
It could be, making an instance to this topic, may be your big bros, or a friend might occur to get a  new laptop, and decide to let you his/ her formal one, and it could be that he/ she had it locked for his/ her data/ files protection. So, you don’t need to panic because, we’ve got you some solution to lend a hand to the issue.

Here we go: follow the below procedures to get it digested to your filling.
1.      Go to “Start menu”.
2.      Click on “ Control panel”.
3.      Then, you’ll see some overview of some further Adjustment of your computer settings.
4.      Click on “user accounts and family safety”.
5.      You’ll see an overview as listed below:
Under user accounts, click on:
·        Change your windows password.
·        Then, click on; “Remove your Password”.
·        You’ll see an overview of “Are you sure you want to remove your password?” under “remove your password”.
·        Then, type in the password which you use to unlock your laptop/ computer (Pc).
·        Then, you’ve done it, kindly click on “Remove password” button.
Attention! There comes to the conclusion of the subject matter concerning the issue of “How to remove password, off your laptop/ computer (Pc)”.
An unknown friend on Google+ (Plus), commented me for a help on this topic, on “How to remove password off your laptop/ computer (Pc), that’s why I’ve decided to make this write-up, for the help of our reader’s and followers of this blog “”.
See you in our next interesting post/ article.

Stay tuned!
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  1. Hi dear Techteazer, you've really nailed it at the point. keep the good work up and stunning. I'm in your good sailing ship Mike.


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