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Here at, we don’t make brief posts / articles. Even if we do so, we’ll ensure that each an every post’s/ articles, are firstly procured and well studied, before caring it out to you “Our humble readers and follower’s” of this blog “” to ensure that you find it really helpful for useature.
At the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to know/ identify:
 What’s Microsoft Publisher, it’s all about.
How to use Microsoft Publisher to create unique/ cute looking Calendar of your choice.
Finally, you’ll learn how to export your created Calendar to your desired formats.
Firstly, you’ll Go to your “Run command”, which is; “Windows key+R”, that’s how to run a command on your computer (pc).
Below, is the sample of the “Run Command” key shortcut.
 Heading further to the topic, concerning on how to create a cute looking calendar of your desired choice.
When you are done by opening your Microsoft publisher. Then, it’s time you get into the program.
Firstly, you’ll see a welcome overview. Then, you’re required to click on the publication you’re to create like “Calendar”. In Microsoft publisher 2003, you’re required to click on Publication for print, found under new from a design, located by your up left corner in your screen. While in Microsoft publisher 2007, you’re required to click on Calendars, found right there in your welcome background. Then, while you’ve clicked on your “Calendars”, you’ll see so many overviews of Calendar templates to work on. Then, it’s time you select your choice, then, you can then make some little changes to it, if required.
Then, locate timeframe, found under the option link/tag by your right, to make a selection of type of Calendar overview you want/ desire to create, weather you want to describe it by one month per page, or one year per page then, when done perfectly. Then, it’s time you set your Calendar dates. Let me just let you understand something you might not know, working on Microsoft publisher, as a first timer, you don’t need to stress/ bother yourself a lot by making calculations for the day’s, week’s, and months, before starting up a good looking Calendar. Just locate your “Set Calendar Dates” input the required field.
Imagine, you’ve made your cute looking Calendar yourself.
Then, if want to export it to mobile picture view format, like; jpeg, PNG, etc. then, locate your option on your normally top right taskbar, save your work as jpeg “file interchange format”, or PNG “Portable network graphics format”, to play some pranks on your friends, or close body’s as an image format for your mobile phone, or your computer (pc).
Well, that’s all, you’ve made it yourself.
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