Tricks to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Images?

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages / Images?

There might be some case when you accidentally deleted some messages or images from your facebook profile and now you want to recover them. The process of recovering is indeed an easy process, but you must take some measures in order to protect your facebook account and stop the misuse of your facebook data. In this article, I will be showing step-by-step how to recover facebook messages and images that you might have deleted by mistake.
NOTE: – Anything you ever shared on facebook is stored permanently even if you delete them from your account. Facebook keeps your complete data on their servers in case you may want to get them back. So, we always have an option to get our deleted messages and images back. 
Also, you can use this method to recover videos.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Images 2015

Step 1 – Go to and login there with your email address and password.
facebook login
Step 2 – After logging in, Click on the small arrow available in the upper right corner near privacy settings as shown in the image below.
privacy settings
Step 3 – Click on setting from the menu appeared after clicking on the small arrow.
facebook settings
Step 4 – Once you click on setting a General Account Settings will get opened. Now, click onDownload a copy of your facebook data as shown in the image below.
download a copy facebook data
Step 5 – Once you follow the above method, a new page will get opened. On that page, you have to click on Start My Archive.
start my archive facebook
Step 6 – After clicking the Start My Archive a new popup will appear. You have to click on Start My Archive again which will be available in the popup menu.
Step 7 – Now, facebook will ask you for the password. Enter your password and then hit Enter.
Step 8 – Once you do the whole step, facebook will send a copy of your facebook data to the email you use for logging in to facebook.
Step 9 – Now login to your email account. You will get an email from facebook as shown the image below.
facebook data email
Step 10 – Open the mail and click the link provided in the email. The link is at the bottom of the email sent by facebook.
facebook data download email
Step 11 – Once you click the link, you will redirect to the facebook site. You will find the link to download your data there.
download archive facebook
Step 10 – After clicking the Download Archive, facebook will ask for the password. Enter the password and hit OK. You’re done.
Step 11 – You will get the file in .zip format. Extract the file, you will see the following.
facebook data files
Step 11 – Click on index. It will open in your default browser. In my case, Google Chrome is my default browser. So, it will be opened in Google Chrome.
Step 12 – Now, your whole profile will be opened. You can see your images which you deleted. You can also see the message of people who have blocked you. Anything you shared on facebook will be recovered using this method.
So guys, this was all about recovering your deleted messages and images from facebook. If you found this article useful, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Stay Tuned for more.
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