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- Mail merge is the transfer of data from one computer file to address or personalized mailing item in another.
- Mail merge is the process by which information (e.g. name and addresses) from a data base or other list and inserted into standard document or letter to produce multiple personalize copies.
- Mail merge is soft ware function describing the production of multiple (and potentially large number of ) document from a single template form and structured data source.
- Mail merge is a powerful process you can to create individualize letter, labels, typing separate letter.

1. Open or create the generic let that all recipients will receive.
2. Choose the tools menu and select mail merge.
3. The mail merge helper appears.
4. Under step 1, main document, click the create button and select form letters from the drop-down menu that appears.
5. Choose Active window to indicate that the form letter is on the active document.
1. Choose the tools menu and select mail merge.
2. The mail merge helper appears.
3. Under step 2, (data source) choose get data and then click create data source. The create data source dialogue box appears.
4. Ms-word lists common field names that. May be applicable for your letter, under the field click the names in the list box and then click remove field name button. Remove fields until only the field you need remains.
5. Add any other field that were not listed initially. Type the field name in the field name text box and click add fields until? All the fields needed for your mail merge to appear.
6. Record the field names so that they are in order you want to inter data. (to do so), select the field name you want to move and use the up and down arrows to move.
7. Click ok, to create the data source. Ms-word will prompt you to save the data source file. Select the appropriate directory, type the file name (which must be different from the name of the letter) and click Ok.
8. To begin typing your data, choose edit data source then, type the information (names, addresses, etc).

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Text Ads Only
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