Some Trickful Ways To Kick People Off Your WiFi Network

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Well, consider some of these situations-

  1. Your friendly neighbor is mooching off your Wi-Fi.
  2. Your roommate has gone outside while putting torrents on download.
  3. The kids at your home are watching non-stop YouTube videos, instead of doing their homework.
  4. You own a small business where you don’t allow the visitors to use the work Wi-Fi.
  5. Or let just say, you want to have some fun with your friends.
In all the above situations, you might feel tempted to boot people off your WiFi network. Right?
Well, you can always kick people off your WiFi network by changing the WiFi password of your router. But then this will disconnect all the other connected devices, and I guess you don’t want to go through the pain of re-entering the new password on each device. Another thing that you can do is, politely asking that person to stop using your WiFi, but we all know how this is going to end.
So, here are some of the best way to kick people off your WiFi network. All these methods are free, works on all platform and the best part is, you don’t have to play with the complicated tools like Wireshark or configure your router settings. So, let’s get started. Shall we?

Kick People Off Your WiFi Network

1. Windows

To kick people Off your WiFi network on Windows, we are going to use an app called Netcut. It’s free. And even though it’s an older project (started back in 2007 and hasn’t been updated since 2011), it still works like a charm on every version of Windows (we tested it on Windows 8 and 10). The UI is bit 90s though.
Now to get started, download Netcut from its official website. Next, install the setup just like you install any other Windows program. You might also have to install another program called WinpCap after installing Netcut. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything extra for it, the Wincap installation screen will automatically appear after you install Netcut. 
Once you launch the app, it’ll give you list of all the devices (MAC address) connected to the same WiFi network, select the Mac address you want to block and click on the Cut option and this will disconnect the internet in the Victims devices. To bring the Internet back on click on the ON button.
Free and easy to use, works on every version of Windows,
The UI is bit old (reads ugly)
How it works
The working is pretty simple, when you start the Netcut app, it spoofs the MAC address of Router and makes the victim’s device believe that it’s the original router. Now, the victim’s device starts sending all the data packet to your device (that is running Netcut). And once that happens, NetCut app don’t forward that packets to the router instead, it just drops them. Resulting in not internet connection on the smartphone. 

2. Mac OS X

Usually finding a good free app on Mac is hard. But thankfully we have a one in this case. It’s called JamWiFi and it does exactly what its name suggest. We have tested in Yosemite and El Capitan and it worked fine on both versions of OS. For obvious reason; it’s not available on App store.
Here is how it works. Download the app from its official website (link below) Once downloaded, install the app and launch it. Now, depending on your security settings, you might not be able to launch the app, to fix that go to your System Preference > Security and Privacy > Allow apps download from > and then allow JamWiFi.
Once the app opens, select the mac address of the devices who’s the Internet you want to block and click on deauth button. And this will disconnect the Internet of that devices. Now, once you are done playing, click on done, and it’ll turn On the internet, on to both your and the victim’s devices.
Free and easy to use
Can disable the Internet of multiple devices (or even every device) on the network
When you use this app to kill the Internet of other devices on the network, it’ll also disconnect the Internet of the host computer.
How it works
The way WiFi Jam works is different from the NetCut app. Instead of acting as a router, it sends continuous de-authentication packets to the victim’s computer. So, every time the victim’s device wants to connect to the network, JamWiFi will send a death packet to disconnect it.

3. Android

When it comes to Android, there are many apps that can kill the Internet of other devices on the Network like – WiFi Kill, cSpolit etc. And one thing common in all of them is each one of them requires root access. You can not do this without Root.
Now, the app that we recommend is – Netcut, made by the same developer who made NetCut for Windows. And yes, it also needs Root access.
So go ahead and download the app from the Google play store, launch it and give it a root access. Next, search for the device whose Internet you want to block and then click on the red WiFi symbol next to it, and this will disable the Intenet on that device. You can also move the slider in the between to alter the speed of the connection.
NetCut do not create packet storms to kill the Internet of other devices on your network
Available on Google play and currently in active development
Control the Internet speed on victims computer
You search for the devices by its name instead of the MAC address
Can disconnect the Intenet of only one device at a time
Some features may go paid in future
How it works
We contacted the developer and asked the same question to him, and this is what he told us – ‘Netcut works at Layer 2 of OSI model. It allows users to test it’s WIFI network by finding it’s brand test ARP protocol’.

4. Router

This is the most popular way to do it. Login to your router and look for DHCP settings, now some routers have the option to disconnect devices directly, but if your router does not have this option. You can do IP mac binding with that router.
Alternatively, you can also call your ISP and tell them someone is using your WiFi without your permission.  Most routers have a remote access feature, where they will login to your router and find out the WiFi moocher. But on a second thought this is also scary, images a person sitting 1000 miles away from you can log in to your router any time he wants. This is why we recommend these WiFi security features, like changing your default WiFi password, etc.
Works on every device
No need to install any software
Not everyone has access to the routers
And the other person can check if you have blocked that person or not
Mac Address - Kick People Off Your WiFi Network

5. All devices

This is one is the most interesting, and I discovered accidentally. In case you are don’t have the computer or rooted Android, or even a router and you still want to block the internet of any device on your network, then use this trick.
Simply find the IP address of the device one your network and use that same IP address for your devices by going to the static IP address settings.
Can work on any computer or smartphone
No need to install any app
No option to block multiple devices on the network or control speed
Might not work in every situation, since this trick depends on your router
How it works
When two devices on the same network have the same IP address, the router gets confused and block the Intenet of the either the old device or both devices on the Network.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. These were some of the ways to disconnect other users from your Wi-Fi Network. 
Make sure, you don’t use it to prank your friends; you never know if they are working on the important project or carrying out the banking transaction. But a little fun is Okay. After all, what is life without a little fun! Techteazer, always love to share his interesting known knowledge, and gathered wisdom, with his lovely guests, viewers, and followers/ visitors, to this Blog (

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Sharing Is Caring.

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