How To Whatsapp in Google Chrome?

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How To Use Whatsapp in Google Chrome?

Hey people out there! I hope that you all must be aware that WhatsApp is now officially available for all browsers. Now, users are allowed to use this free messaging app on their browsers regardless of the device they use. Specifically, at present it is available for Google Chrome browser which makes it possible for users to access their WhatsApp account through tablets, Macs, laptops, PCs and other devices without any drudge. I am here today with a brief tutorial on how to use WhatsApp in Google Chrome.

Please Note: WhatsApp on Web is available on all operating systems and smartphones EXCEPT on iOSThis is particularly due to limitations on Apple platform.
WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best as well as effective downloadable apps for smartphone users which allow sending free text messages over to your contacts including videos and photos. This app is available for all the platforms but users can use WhatsApp in Google Chrome only if they own Windows Phone or BlackBerry or Android smartphone as it is now yet available for iOS users. This app is loaded with pretty cool customization tools along with features like group chat, easy location sharing and much more.
Now, let’s turn our heads onto a brief tutorial on how to use WhatsApp in Google Chrome.
  1. First of all, users need to update WhatsApp Messenger on their smartphones in order to use it on Google Chrome. The updated version must be WhatsApp v2.11.498 and above.
  2. Now, it’s right time to open Google Chrome on your PC or laptop, head forward to, where users will get to see a unique QR code.
  3. Click on the app in your smartphone and head forward into its Menu>>WhatsApp Web.whatsapp
  4. Now, it’s time to scan the QR code, available on the display of both PC and smartphone.whatsapp
  5. Users need to click on OK, GOT IT for successful scanning of QR code which automatically starts after clicking on the same.
  6. Within a span of few seconds, you will be directed to the page on Google Chrome from where you can use your WhatsApp account easily.whatsapp
The WhatsApp Messenger for Google Chrome is particularly a mirror image of the app available for smartphones.
I personally experienced using WhatsApp on Google Chrome quite interesting as it has few pros but it is even associated with few cons too. Come On! Let’s have a look at them.


  • WhatsApp for smartphones as well as for Google Chrome is a free downloadable app.
  • It is officially available for PC users who were actually waiting for this to happen soon.
  • QR code need to be scanned only for the first time during setup but if you logout from the same then you need to repeat it again in future.
  • Using this app on Google Chrome makes it quite easy for users who type in slowly on their smartphones as it helps in enhancing their speed.


  • It is available for all users except for iOS users.
  • No changes in its design as it looks the same as like on smartphone.
  • The chat on Google Chrome is live on smartphone too which further consumes double data from both ends.
  • Quite risky if users use it on public computers, so they actually need not to forget to log out of the same.
So guys, I hope that WhatsApp in Google Chrome is significantly a blessing for many people who are very much addicted to chatting. Finally, it is officially available.
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