How To Root Android Phone Without Computer?

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If you are here to learn, how to root android phone without computer, it probably means you know what rooting is. But for those who doesn’t know about rooting, let me give a quick introduction of rooting.
Rooting is a method to gain full access to the mobile specifications. It’s exactly the same as jailbreaking in iPhones. Rooting let’s you get around any restrictions on your phones and lets you access your phones much deeper than the manufacturers has given you permissions for. In short, Rooting lets you go into the roots of the phone.

Root Android Phone Without Computer
By rooting your phone, you can perform certain tasks, which you could not do otherwise. For instance, you can update your android to the latest version, you can increase your internal memory by shifting apps to the SD cards, can increase the battery life, can install apps which you are not allowed to and a lot more things are there which can be done only with rooting.
So, in order to learn “root any android phone without computer”, let’s head to the guide.

Root My Android Phone Without Computer:

Initially, to root any android phone, we had to take help of computers. But now, rooting has become way more easy and fast. Rooting is just one click procedure now, all thanks to KingXteam. They have developed an app called KingRoot. This is the best app to root almost all devices. Now in their recent edition, they have successfully managed to root the latest version of android i.e. 5.1.
The Kingroot is an amazing one-click rooting tool for those who don’t want to involve a computer in rooting and want to get themselves a rooted phone. It is the most famous rooting app in China and supports over 103790 devices. The app is totally free and supports no ads.
Let’s dive deeper into the guide. But before this, make sure you have Unknown sources checked on your android device. For this, Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and check on this option. Once done, we are ready to download the Kingroot app.
Step 1. To download the Kingroot app click hereIt’s a very small sized app which hardly takes a few minute to finish the download. Once the app is downloaded, install it.
Step 2. After the installation is complete, open the app.
Step 3. You do not need to do anything here, just scroll down the page and tap over Try it.

Kingroot app try it
Step 4. Once you do this, the Kingroot tool will verify your phone in order to root it. And within few seconds, rooting will start. See the screenshot.

rooting process
Step 5. Once the rooting is completed, you will see a success message on the screen, see the below screenshot to understand it better. Once you see this success message, it means your phone has been rooted now.

kingroot root successful
Note: If you are worried that if rooting from Kingroot would harm your phone, or if you would have to compromise with your data then let me inform you, it is the easiest yet safest way to root the android device.
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